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The business world is freed at high speed. Each actor must be able to fulfill his task at any time by being at a distance.

So itinerant actors of the company can embark data and connect with their establishments in order to control, propose, sell, maintain, inform or carry out any other action that will allow the development of their company.

eurXpert has acquired a very important know-how in the implementation of applications connected / disconnected on tablet, smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) that perfectly integrate in the security architecture of your computer systems.

Our roaming solutions are adapted to the lack of connectivity by entering and systematically recording the information that will be sent upon resumption of the network reception.

Overall, our offers enable:

  • A valuation of the teams, whether commercial, technical or other,
  • A facilitation of the reporting to the different committees of the company concerned,
  • Reliability of data by a single and real time input,
  • Increased productivity due to increased presence.

For example :

  • eurXpert offers solutions on iPad for customers with a nomadic sales force distributed throughout the national territory. The objective is to take into account your needs, including from the historical data in your centralized management system.
  • eurXpert also has a know-how for customers with mobile forces in charge of locating information on sites. This staff, starting from smartphone, collects the different data in order to study them and to propose alternatives or commercial offers.
  • For a technical-commercial population, eurXpert implements a solution on iPad allowing to visit more than 2000 agencies on the national territory. Beyond the agenda and the "management of the tour", the objective is to check, to observe the conformity of the park, to envisage the possible repairs or replacement (management of the quotations included).

We are, among other things, also competent to assist you in your needs and allow you to improve productivity on financial projects (management indicators, cost management) or human resources (administrative management, time management, training).

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