Business Intelligence

Today, the economy is changing more and more quickly. We are constantly challenged by the improvement of technologies (smartphones, tablets, connected devices) and by the ability to analyze increasingly large volumes of data.

Each management in the company can and will use its accumulated data for several years and confront them with external information; This in order to analyze its current policy and determine its future strategy.

eurxpert assists you and proposes to help you at all levels of your organization in your BI Mobile transformation, respecting a framework of governance that offers the scalability in the company and the reliability for the IT department.

The solutions advocated by eurXpert:

  • are very fast to implement,
  • tend to free users from computing,
  • reduces costs,
  • highlights a fast ROI.

Our applications allow you to :

  • View your reports and dashboards from anywhere and anytime, through your PC, Tablet, Smartphone. Thanks to the tactile features and the drill down capabilities, you can have the root of the presented data.
  • Stay up-to-date on your reports and indicators through programmed alerts. You can then react in time and immediately on a macroscopic trend or focus on accurate information. 
  • Share real-time reports, dashboards, indicators, on which you may or may not have taken action so that your community can easily understand your actions.

Because of our expertise, we intervene on all the processes of Business Intelligence :

  • Mass reporting for repetitive reports (daily order status, weekly inventory tracking, transaction control report, ...)
  • On-demand reports for users who need to specifically query company data and create their own dashboards, indicators or trends without having to rely on IT.
  • Predictive reporting, that allow, for example, to associate the statistical information of a sector of activity or Big Data with the company's own data; In order to make decisions, define or make changes to its strategy.

For all these solutions, we also provide advices and efficiency on interactive reports:

  • Indicators,
  • KPIs,
  • Drill down or possibility to start from an aggregate result / data to go down to the detail element and vice versa,
  • Story-Telling
  • Sharing, monitoring of dynamic reports with traceability of changes.
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