Big Data

The growing interconnection of connected objects (IoTs), increased collaboration within social networks, and open-source data are the source of an ever-increasing deluge of data.
These, often unstructured and with a frequency of updating almost real time, complement and complicate the management of the company data.


Their control, control of their safety and integrity and the trust that can be attributed to the data and its processing are now real challenges for the company.

The BIG DATA approach enables us to respond to these challenges and to seize new business opportunities related to the transformation of this data stock into information flows.

The business and IT actors have to deal with this flood of data which now translates into Yottaoctet (10 power 24 bytes) of data to be managed. (Capacity of the NSA Data Center in 2015).

  • How to master the data?
  • How do you respect the privacy rules of private data?
  • How to give confidence in the given?
  • How to identify, visualize weak signals with value?
  • How to boost the stock of data and transform it into a data stream with values?

These are challenges faced by the business and IT departments in the context of a joint work that begins with the identification of simple and relevant cases to be implemented.

In a second phase, the choice of technical solutions will be linked to the use case retained and may include various application bricks ranging from the collection of data, to the publication of reports, to the implementation of algorithms or tools of data visualization.

The choice of the solution in "on-premise" mode or in "outsourced cloud" mode will also depend on the use case to be implemented.

In terms of approach, this type of project requires the application of an agile approach, a "Test & Learn" type of work with the right to fail and the need to start on small projects while seeing great.


eurXpert with its experience and its ecosystem, assists the business or IT departments in both the functional and technical aspects of your BIG DATA projects.

Overall, our offers enable:

  • A facilitation of the emergence of the use cases specific to each business context,
  • A support for the teams, whether functional or technical, in their skill-raising on BIG DATA projects,
  • Support on BIG DATA projects on the technical and management and data reliability axes
  • Assistance in the implementation of new business models

For example:

  • eurXpert can helps you on the implementation of PORC or POC.
  • In the constitution of a DataLake or the implementation of Datavisualisation solutions.
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